Back to Basics – Which Tie Knots are in Style and Which Must Go?

Back to Basics Which Tie Knots are in Style and Which Must GoA man needs to know how to tie a tie. Not only that, he needs to know a few different knots to get him through all the different social occasions he will encounter. Follow this guide to know which knots are the most popular in Australia and which should not be knotted.


This is the most popular knot style of them all, and it will see a man through any occasion in style. Some fashion experts contend that the Four-in-Hand knot doesn’t work for narrow ties, but most will say that these knots handle all widths of ties just fine. However, it is a good idea to use the Four-in-Hand with heavier fabrics as the knot is a rather slender one. One thing to note is that this knot is asymmetrical, so it may not look exactly right with wide collar dress shirts.

The Half-Windsor

When you are looking to show confidence, this is a great knot to wear. This is a more assertive tie knot than the Four-in-Hand. This is a knot a person wears to show that they mean business. This knot will work well in all kinds of situations. Because this is a bolder and thicker knot, the Half-Windsor needs to be tied with a tie made from a lighter fabric.

The Windsor

This knot has gone a little out of fashion in recent years, but the Windsor has stood the test of time as the most regal of the necktie knots. The Windsor is what one wears to a formal occasion to exude a sense of class. It is a thick, powerful knot that gives wearers an aura of elegance. Because this knot is so wide, it cannot be worn with a normal dress shirt. When you wear a Windsor, you need to wear a spread collar shirt that will let it show off its power.

Unfashionable Knots

There are many older knots that few people wear these days. These include the Pratt, Victoria, Nicky, Calthus, Grantchester, Hanover, Kelvin and Oriental knots. Most of these have lost favor because they are more difficult to tie.

A Quality Tie

Any knot will look good when it is tied with a quality tie. It is always nice to know some of the fancier knots to tie. When a person gets a few custom made ties, it is always a nice touch to be able to tie a fancy knot like the Windsor or one of the more exotic knots like the Victoria.

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