Blue Sky, Fresh Air, and Adventure

Nothing can compare to a bright blue sky, fresh air, and the adventure of a challenging mountain bike trail.  As you develop your exercise and activity routine, consider including the purchase of a mountain bike as part of your health and well-being program.  It’s a fun way to exercise and improve your cardiovascular health.  You’ll get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stress and anxiety of everyday life.  Mountain biking can increase your stamina and endurance while boosting your self-confidence and your ability to meet challenges with drive and determination.


Do Your Planning First

Before you buy a mountain bike, you should first set a budget and commit to staying within that limit as you select the models that interest you.  It’s economical to support your local mountain bike shop to establish a rapport for continued stellar service and maintenance on your purchase.  Let their team of professionals help you to decide what type of riding interests you the most and the terrain that appeals to your ability level.  It’s important to select a bike on which you’ll feel comfortable and safe so that you can maintain your interest level for successful rides and activities.

Be a Smart Consumer

As you research the various components, pick the ones that appeal to you and keep your list within your spending limits.  You’ll get better deals in the fall and winter months and perhaps even find one of last year’s models that will meet your initial needs; you can always upgrade as your skills improve.  Some mountain bike shops will offer you discounts on their other products and services if you buy your bike from them; this can help you to accessorize your bike more economically.  Locate a reputable dealer that wants to sell you the right bike for your needs and whose professional staff is knowledgeable about the inventory, helpful, and courteous; if they ride mountain bikes themselves, they’ll have a wealth of information that they can share with you.  Test the bikes within your budget as much as possible so that you can find a bike that feels comfortable and suits your needs.

A Healthier You

Studies show that if you participate in mountain biking at least three hours a week, you reduce your chance of heart attack and stroke by 50%. Any weight problems that you have can be successfully addressed with mountain biking activities.  You’ll find that by travelling the mountain bike trails your anxiety and stress levels will be reduced and your mood and self-confidence will be improved dramatically.  You can meet and make new friends on the trail that can offer you helpful advice and share information about new techniques and upcoming events.  Mountain bikers enjoy discussing and comparing equipment and participating in community causes that benefit local charities.

The purchase of a mountain bike can open up an entirely new set of adventures for you.  You’ll meet the goals that you set for yourself and boost your self-confidence, endurance, and stamina.  Your health and well-being will be improved and you’ll make a new set of friends who will share trails, adventures, and stories for many years to come.

Suzi McKee is a US-based writer providing information about Giant mountain bikes and other sporting gear and accessories. She writes on a freelance basis for several large blogs.

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