Effective tips on designing plus size shirts and t-shirts

Finding fashionable, trendy and stylish clothing in plus sizes is quite difficult. Usually, high quality plus sized clothing needs to be ordered or tailored. But with the help of Internet, being a plus size woman, you can now find several creative ways to perfectly craft your own customized plus size shirts and t-shirts.

Here are some tips on how to make a plus size t-shirt

  • Visit a t-shirt design website – First of all, you need to open a website where you can find plus sized t-shirts designs.
  • Select your chosen design – As the next step, you need to choose the plus size t-shirt style of your choice. Scroll up and down of your browser screen to look for the design options. Now find the type of plus size shirts you want to design, whether you want the shirt to be long sleeve, short sleeve, casual or formal. Select the particular shirt which you may like to craft by double clicking your mouse button on one of the options available.
  • Choose a color – Now you need to pick a color that you would like for your shirt. Click on the particular link which you may find under the type of fabric you have already selected for your shirt. A screen will appear displaying several small squares of colors on the browser to pick from. Click on the color you like the most.


  • Customize your shirt – Craft your shirt. After you have chosen the color, now look for the design option. With that option you can add clipart, text or jersey name or number on your shirt. You can also add any extra art, more color or additional text. You may adjust the view of your shirt by using rotation icon commands. These icon commands allow you to add designs to sleeves as well as other portions of the t-shirt.
  • Save the design – Now you need to save the design of the shirt. You can click on the save/send icon. Name your crafted design and insert it in the space provided for putting the name of the design you have chosen for your shirt. Now give your email id by typing in the blank data form just below the design’s name. Now click on the ‘save design’ option. You will get a confirmation email sent to your email id.

Some points to be considered

  • The designs you have selected for your plus size shirts can either be embroidered or be printed.
  • You can cut difference stylish designs on your shirt; you may use Internet for shirt cutting designs and other innovating design tips.
  • You must double check the design you have selected before you submit your request. It will ensure that the design in done perfectly as per the customized look you desire. You will find online design tutorial videos on the net; you can watch them before you start designing your shirt.

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