From Frocks to Wedding Dresses – Plus Size Clothes for Different Occasions

From frocks to wedding dresses plus size clothing can be a problem – until you find a place that is geared specifically towards outfits for the more generously proportioned lady. From size 16 and up, a normal store might not have the items you love in the size you need – which in addition to being a disheartening experience, can be downright annoying – particularly when you’re trying to dress members of a bridal party.


When we talk about wedding dresses in this context, we don’t mean actual wedding dresses for brides – those, of course, are taken care of by the bespoke service provided by a wedding dress maker. No, really we’re talking about dresses suited to the bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party – for example, the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom.

The thing about wedding dresses, plus size or not, is that they have to be something a bit extraordinary. For the bridesmaids, you’re normally taking a dress that can only be worn again in a party situation – a lovely frock, for example, or a flowing robe in colours complementary to the overall bridal scheme. For the mothers, you’re normally looking at dresses that might be worn to other kinds of particular events – race days, for instance, or other formal occasions.

Colour is very important for bridal dresses. The mothers have more leeway than the bridesmaids and need to be allowed to express their individuality – they can, after all, be tied into the overall colour scheme using flowers. Bridesmaids and maids of honour, on the other hand, need to be dressed in clothing directly related to the colour scheme. Often, the bridesmaids’ dresses are inversely coloured to the bridal flowers: that is, the bride has a bouquet in certain colours, which are echoed in the bridesmaids’ dresses; while the bridesmaids have flowers, whose colours echo the bride’s dress.

It’s important to sort out bridal clothing quite some time before the big day. This gives you time to ensure everything fits and to send items back from replacement, if sizes are wrong. As a result, there is something of an onus on all bridesmaids to stay in roughly the same shape between fitting and wedding – so, no losing weight or putting it on, if it can be at all avoided.

The visual effect of the gathered bridal party, when the dresses and hats are all matched with the floral colour scheme, can be quite sensational. In photographs, UT makes all the difference. Be particularly aware that the flowers you choose have a huge impact on the colour scheme – they are the embellishment that sets everything off nicely. To understand the effect fully, look at some photographs of recent weddings – where the flowers and the wedding dresses combine well, the overall picture is superb.

There are plenty of different wedding dresses, plus size and otherwise, to choose from. Make sure the bridal party is decked out in colours that fit with the overall scheme of the day.

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