From Grey’s Anatomy to Fringe, Elevators Steal the Show

If you are living in any of the major American cities, then getting in and out of elevators multiple times during the day is just a part of your daily rat race. Although a vast majority of your trips on the elevator has been largely uneventful, this seemingly innocuous part of America city life seems to have caught the imagination of our TV directors. Some very key plot moments in several popular shows across all genres have taken place in an elevator. Following are five of our favorites:


Grey’s Anatomy: One of the key sub-plots in one of the most iconic modern medical dramas was the budding love story between Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). The elevator was the place for them to share awkward silences, which eventually blossomed to stolen kisses. So when Derek decided to propose to Meredith in the same elevator they shared so many memories together, it was in one word: perfect. Relive the scenehere and be prepared to get all mushy inside all over again.


Bones: In elevators time can seem to be suspended and the concept of personal space becomes severely limited. Now throw a murderer, unknowingly infected with a highly contagious disease, loose on the unsuspecting public in the midst of a blizzard with your most brilliant forensic scientist and your most competent investigator (who also have unrequited feelings for each other). This mismatched group gets stuck in an elevator with no way out, and it’s a highlight of Episode 16 of Bones’ sixth season. The killer gets caught of course, but the closed spaces did not allow Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) to keep hiding their feelings anymore and they had to confront the situation. The episode ended with fans getting the satisfaction of knowing that there is definitely a chance of them getting back together. Watch it againhere to relive the tension all over again.


30 Rock: Jerry Seinfeld defined American comedy in the 90s, which made him a household name all across the globe. Many of us would love the chance to meet him in real life. But how would we react if we had him all to ourselves in an elevator for a precious few seconds? This is exactly the situation Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) found himself in 30 Rock’s first episode of its second season. See the hilarious exchange overhere.


Fringe: Fringe was one of the hottest sci-fi dramas on American TV. One of the most powerful scenes from the series happens in an elevator, which brings all of our worst fears to life. In this scene an elevators takes a sudden jolt and plummets to the floor. The surge in magnetic energy makes the motor break right through the safety brakes. Scary stuff. Check it out again overhere.


The Office: Elevators are an essential part of our life, but no one stops to think about the essential function it provides. The only time it captures our attention is when it stops working. How people’s lives get thrown completely out of equilibrium is perfectly captured in The Office’s “Stairmageddon” episode. Remind yourself of the chaos and the hilarity overhere.
What do you think? Are there any of your favorites that we missed out on?

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