General Tips for Jewelry Owners

diamond jewelry 1If you already own – or plan on owning jewelry pieces, you should know that your jewelry can’t remain beautiful forever…Although the cost of a piece of jewelry can reach astonishing heights, it doesn’t come however with a guarantee of unbreakable quality. Hence, if you want to ensure that your jewelry would last for a lifetime, you must make sure that you do everything right…from the first time you enter a jewelry store to cleaning it at home.

Jewel Purchasing Tips

It’s certainly hard nowadays to accept everything at face value so we naturally don’t blame you for wondering how to ascertain the real value of whatever jewelry piece you’re interested in buying.

And while appraisals and certificates can be made and issued for your jewelry, who’s to say that the person behind the appraisal and certificate truly have the authority to make such a statement? There are no present governing bodies to ensure that these papers are authentic and legitimate so it would be inadvisable if jewelry owners completely depend on them.

If that’s the case, you’re probably wondering already what you should do, aren’t you?

Well, what else but arm yourself with jewelry knowledge? If you know what you’re talking about and what you’re looking for then jewelry dealers wouldn’t be able to fool you about their merchandise. So read on then and extend your knowledge about jewelry.

Let’s begin with what’s described as a girl’s best friend – diamonds! Diamond jewelry is perhaps the most expensive type of jewelry because of its sheer beauty and brilliance. And naturally, it doesn’t hurt that diamonds are of very hard material, unlike pearls or opals which can easily shatter into pieces.

If you’re interested in purchasing diamond jewelry, always remember the 4 C’s that would lead you to diamond jewelry of the best quality. The cut of diamond jewelry is primarily “in charge” of its razzle-dazzle beauty. The second C has to do with carats – whenever someone describes a particular piece of diamond jewelry, don’t you notice how they always love to mention if it’s .5 carat or 5 carats? Remember: the higher the carat weight, the better. For color, always go for colorless diamond jewelry and for clarity, ask your jewelry dealer if it’s graded as flawless – which means that it’s virtually free from visible inclusions and blemishes.

When purchasing pearl jewelry, the luster and nacre or skin are the primary factors you should consider. Natural pearls fetch a higher price than man-made or cultured pearls so do ask the jewelry dealer about its type before proceeding with the purchase.

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