Get Smart about Diamond Shopping and Save Money

E Shopping CartWhen you plan to invest in diamonds for your loved ones, you certainly want this possession to remain beautiful, reliable and memorable. Who doesn’t want diamonds? But the richness associated with it is certainly daunting. Be a smart shopper and don’t let the monetary reasons hinder your dreamy assets. Take care of these following tips and assure yourself a cost-effective experience on diamond shopping.

Prefer Online Shopping

You should always try to buy diamonds online. Start through an online price research at websites such as or If the price falls in the range of your budget, then try to buy the piece from online discounters to save some money. Get out of the old belief that terms online shopping as scheming and unreliable. As far as you buy your diamonds from a credible source, online shopping will be all beneficial to you.

Pick a Cheaper Band

Yes, fitting your expensive diamond into a cheaper band will do no harm. The diamond will still stand as beautiful and expensive. Therefore, you can reduce the overall cost and try the following or similar selections in order to save on bands.

ü  Choose the cheaper white gold band over the expensive platinum.

ü  Pick 14K gold instead of 18K gold. It will serve the same purpose but at a much lesser cost.

ü  Go for a plain band, the one without any kind of diamond accents. It looks more finer and costs much lesser.

Purchase loose diamonds

This approach also aids in saving money while buying diamonds. You can purchase unfitted diamonds from loose diamonds specialist online. Later, you can get it fitted in your chosen setting from any local jewelry designing store. Getting the job done from acquaintances or friends who are in the business can more likely help in obtaining discounted prices on the  costs.

No harm in buying diamonds with of a lower quality

When you begin to shop in the diamond industry, you will learn that in the industry diamond values are based on color, cut, carat and stone’s clarity. These combinations will decide if you save money or spend it in chunks.

Color- The color of a diamond is evaluated on a scale that ranges from D to Z. While D represents no color, Z represents a lot of color. The lesser the color, the higher will be the cost of the diamond.

Clarity- Usually, a diamond with higher clarity will be expensive.

Carat- It is a unit in which the weight of the diamond is measured. Obviously, a larger carat diamond will demand higher cost. The ideal carat sizes can be 00.25, 0.5,0.75 and up.

An economic take on buying diamonds will call for lower color and clarity rating and smaller carat size.

Pay through cash

When you make your diamond payment through ready money, you get some advantages over other methods. Usually, the big retail jewelry stores adopt credit cards in their chief payment procedure. However, if you plan to shop from a loose diamonds specialist, the possibility of receiving discounts while paying through cash is potentially increased. While processing payment through credit card, a merchant is supposed to pay a certain percentage of the sale amount to the related credit card company. And in case of heavy and expensive features like diamond rings, these fees can be added to your total cost.

In other words, when you make your payment through cash, the stores and merchants can knock off some of the price. It certainly would not be much, but still even a little can help when you are dealing with high cost diamonds.

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