How to Select a Winter Scarf

How to Select a Winter ScarfAustralia is a land of great natural beauty, but if you live here, it is far more common to curse it as the land of sudden weather shifts! If you have been blindsided by the winter cold, take a moment to think about how you can keep warm with the right scarf. More and more men are wearing scarves as a matter of course, and whether you love to drape it over your neck in a very simple way or you prefer something like a lark’s head knot to keep you warm, consider these steps when you are choosing yours.

Size Matters
When you are choosing a scarf, the rule of thumb is to never buy a scarf that is shorter than you are tall. This can make things a little rough for men who are on the larger side, but this rule prevents you from wearing a scarf with ends that stop halfway down your chest. When you are looking at width, you’ll generally discover that everything under about thirteen inches works very well. However, also remember that the lighter the scarf is, the wider it can be. The point is to stop it from bunching up around your neck.

Tassels Add Character
Most scarves are rather plain rectangles, but when you are tired of the plain drape of common scarves, take a moment and consider a scarf with tassels or at least with frayed ends. A little bit of dangle from either end of the scarf goes a long way when you want to make sure that you are getting the right kind of look. When you wear a scarf with tassels, every method of knotting it looks a bit more dramatic.

Consider Custom
If you have a specific scarf in mind but you cannot find something that matches your needs, consider custom made scarves. A scarf that has been custom made for you is one that can help you really come into your own when it comes to fashion. Instead of looking at the scarves out there and finding out how they suit you, sit down and consider what scarf would best fit your wardrobe and your needs.

Patterns or Plain?
We’re seeing more and more patterns when we look at scarves. While your basic scarf in a solid color is very handsome, there is no doubt something with a pattern will get more attention. Choose a scarf with a plaid pattern to break things up a little bit!

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