Indoor Cycling Tips – Imperative Information for All Beginner Cyclists

Cycling is indeed a great activity that has a number of advantages. Cycling has many different aspects that you particularly enjoy, especially considering the fact that cycling is more of an exercise that you can enjoy in a comparatively inexpensive and fun manner.

Keeping these factors in mind, more and more gyms and studios are offering classes for indoor cycling. However, if you keep track of some simple cycling tips, you may not be required to spend both time and effort in learning the basics of cycling.


Getting Started with Your Indoor Ride

Setting up your bike is the first thing that you should focus on before you begin. In order to have a flawless experience and the ideal dynamic to begin cycling, it is important that the parts of your cycle are aligned properly.

Make sure the distance between your cycle’s seat and peddles is just right. If you are focusing on the exercising part more, this area should be particularly paid attention to since the distance between these two parts of a cycle determines the usage of your leg muscles when you are cycling.

Next, make sure the tyres are in good condition and are properly aligned. When cycling indoor, you need to keep a check on your cycle tyres as well as the brakes since you are limited to the space provided and you should have a good grip on how you control your flow.

Do Not Hesitate Using a Resistance Knob

Different cycling parts should be learnt individually. Now that you know the importance of assembling and aligning different cycle parts, it’s time you pay attention to the resistance knob. Resistance should be taken as a challenge. In fact, a good amount of resistance is actually key to good indoor cycling.

If you take professional classes, this aspect will be individually coached to you so that you know how to ride confidently at different resistance levels.

The idea is to keep a check on the resistance knob and take into account the signs of plus and minus appearing on the surface. Then, as soon as a full or half resistance is added, the marks should be noted as a guide.

It will be wise on your end for you not to consider the resistance knob as your enemy. Because, this knob is essential to work out if you wish to achieve desirable results.

Your Health

Regardless of how enthusiastic you are about cycling, you need to keep a check on your heart rate too – as your heart never lies. For a great cycling experience and a desirable workout session, the ideal zone for burning fat falls between 60 to 70 percent of you max heart rate. This is the area where you are expected to stay firm for at least twenty minutes.

Keeping a check on your heart rate will give you the most accurate idea of whether or not you are putting your best foot forward.


Last but not least, considering your cycling sessions as fun more than workout will keep you sticking to it. A proper indoor cycling routine can benefit you greatly if your keep the above mentioned cycling tips in mind. By doing so, you will not only keep up with the safety issues associated with cycling, but will also leave your body thanking you for helping it with a great workout.

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