iPhone Apps to Get You Through College


Courtesy of Shutterstock.

Courtesy of Shutterstock.

Modern technology gives a lot of advantages for students who know how to use it. It can make your student life easier and more effective. iPhone can distract and organize you at the same time. All you need to do is to discipline yourself. Various useful apps would help you get through college. You will learn how to manage your finances, take notes during lectures and study for your exams.

Below you can find a list of apps that would make your life easier. Most of the apps are available for free; you just need to download them!

7. My Grammar Lab

This app will improve your grammar skills with simple quizzes and exercises. Short multiple choice questions would boost your language skills and correct the mistakes. As a result you will be able to write better papers and reports.

6. Evernote

This is one of the most useful apps for students. I am sure a lot of your friends have already installed it on their iPhones. An amazing handwriting recognition technology would transform and store your notes the way you want it. You can also take a picture of any text and the app would recognize and store it. You can search your notes for a specific word or a phrase. Note-taking has never been easier!

5. Study Blue

This app makes the most of flashcards. You can connect to your classmates, exchange flashcards and review class notes

Courtesy of Shutterstock.

Courtesy of Shutterstock.

together. You can study whenever you are and at any given time. You can track your progress and create your own study materials.

4. Mint

This application would help you in managing your finances. Living on your own might be challenging, you need to keep track of your expenses and income in order to avoid the Ramen diet. Mint would help you set up your budget and track down all your transactions. If you spend too much money on pizza delivery or a new pair of shoes, Mint would notify you in case you go over your budget. The monthly report would indicate your weak spots and help you in cutting your spending.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a great app that allows you to store all the important information in one place. You can use your iPhone or laptop to access all your files. If you have no time to start your computer and go through the files, simply use it on your iPhone. Simple and easy!

2. iStudiez Pro

This app was specifically designed for iOS and Mac users. It allows you to manage your schedule, assignments and even track your grades. You can synchronize this information between your Mac devices and switch form iPod to iPhone easily. The app would remind you about any upcoming deadlines and classes. You will stay on top and will never be late again.

1. Study Buddy

Do you get distracted easily? If so, you would love this app. Every time you take a break to drink some coffee or call your friend, this app would record this distraction and provide you with feedback on your efficiency. It will help you improve your study behavior and save a lot of time.

Guest post by contributing author, Linda Michelle an avid researcher and tech-junkie. Check out the awesome courses offered by mba.marylhurst.edu.

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