Jewelry Ideas to Spice-up your Everyday Office Gear

When it comes to fashion and jewelry, men also have their own share of the story. They also have their own set of rules when it comes to clothing and jewelry. And just like women, such fashion rules are also very important. It will help increase your confidence because you know you look good.

Wondering what these rules are? If so, better read along and discover the do’s and don’ts when it comes to men’s fashion and jewelry style. 

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Know what you want

Before you purchase a new set of ornaments for personal adornment, it’s best to know what you want first. This is to avoid purchasing the wrong product. Just like women, you should also know how to pair the accessories to your attire. If this is your first time to shop, it’s advisable to buy something that can be paired to the various clothes in your closet. You should also be more specific when purchasing jewelries and stick with your item description.

Talk to a trusted jeweler

If you’re planning to have a more intricate type of jewelry, let’s say a wedding or engagement ring, it’s highly advisable to talk to a trusted jeweler. This is to ensure that you’ll obtain everything you want for the ring. Sometimes, being too specific will give you a hard time on finding the perfect jewelry. With a jewel crafter, having that jewelry is easier.

Mix and match at home

Before you attend a meeting, for example, it’s best if you’ll mix and match your clothing and accessories at home before you head on. This way, you can ensure that you’re wearing a professional attire with a fashion statement rather than a typical black and white pair. Rings are best worn on the middle finger unless it’s an engagement ring. When it comes to necklaces, you should opt for silver or gold chains with less detail.

Small details pay big

In the world of fashion, every small detail counts. With that being said, it’s quite important to pay extra attention to such details. Top two examples are the cuff links and watches. Wearing a cuff link can do wonders on your overall attire. A watch on the other hand can indeed make a statement on every handshake. So whether, that’s a typical working day or a special occasion, be sure to pay extra attention to these tiny details.

Go for more color

Because a man’s attire is usually coat and tie, adding color through accessories is a must. Purchase a good set of neckties on various colors. You should also go for rings with a dash of color such as a silver ring with a gemstone. While watches have to remain on a silver or leather, dealing with cufflinks is a whole new story. You should also use your suit coat hankie as a color source so that you won’t appear too boring in plain black and white.

Men and women may not be equal when it comes to fashion. However it cannot be denied that men also have to be creative when it comes to what they wear. They have a different set of jewelries, and with these tips, it won’t be a challenge anymore for beginners like you to be extra cautious with what you wear.

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