Kali: the Growing Fashion and Musical Star

Svala “Kali” Björgvinsdóttir is renowned in her native Iceland for her impeccable style and undeniable talent in both fashion and singing, showing promise from the getgo having achieved her first number one hit in Iceland at the budding age of just nine – how about that Mr Bieber!

This opened up a world of creativity to develop her name both on and off the stage, creating the “Kali” name into a fullblown fashion brand allowing fans to wear her designs to gigs, on nights out and on special occasions, embracing all aspects of her individuality.

As a result it is no surprise that retailers like LastaShop are proud to represent Kali clothing as the sole manufacturer and only online store where her fashion items can be purchased.

Some of my personal favourites from the Kali clothing range include:

Kirtuhi Print Sweater

This particular piece is an oversized lightweight sweatshirt with a bold black and white pattern designed by visual artist Elli Egilsson. It is the perfect casual fashion item for combining both comfort and style. A credible source in the fashion industry – Jay Manuel, from America’s Next Top Model, once claimed “In the world of fashion, nothing is ever comfortable.”

Well perhaps we have just found proof against this statement!


Natalia Catsuit

This is a stunning Kali jumpsuit which would inspire the wearer

with confidence. Although appearing simplistic as an all in one,

plain black garment – the low back, halter neck and fitting of this

piece make it classy and stylish.


Many more impressive outfits and designs appear in the Kali collection on LastaShop, along with an array of other high standard designers also from Iceland, including Helicopter, Mundi, Helga, Ziska, Eyglóand of course LastaShop’s own signature brand.

All of these amazing designers, plus the wonderfully eclectic Kali of course, show that there is life in fashion outside the mainstream cities of Paris, Milan and New York and that, given the opportunity, there is the chance for everyone who dreams of becoming a star on stage on screen to do so.

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