Making Your Brand Pull Its Weight

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When you’re running a business, the brand you’re creating is one of your most important business assets. It’s not merely advertising, it’s the image and reputation of your company that customers build in their heads, and you need to make sure the decisions you’re taking are building the right image so it’s attractive to the people you want to be selling your products and services to.

If your brand is pulling its weight, it’s pulling customers into your business, broadcasting what you do loud and clear to ensure you’re getting the footfall you need. If it’s not, you won’t be getting the custom you need to run your business. Whether that’s clients, bookings, sales or orders, if you’re brand is confused, or makes promises your business can’t keep or for any other reason simply isn’t pulling its weight you won’t be getting them and you could find yourself in trouble.

Today we’re taking a look a different ways your brand can succeed or fail and how you can tell what’s going on with it.

The process begins with research – brand trackers are surveys that measure consumers respond to your brand and to competitors in your niche. Continued over time, you can see how public response to your company is shaped by the decisions you take and of course by factors you have no control over.

As your research continues over weeks and months, you’ll begin to see how your choices impact your brand, how it’s shaped, strengthened or weakened by all sorts of factors: not merely what you write in your adverts but where your customers see those ads, and when. Digging into whether customers respond well to seeing your adverts on particular websites, and particular publications is the key to developing an approach to your marketing that works for the greatest possible number of your consumers.

Hosting adverts in locations that undermine the story told by your advertising creates a confused brand – a luxury brand advert sitting amongst bargain deals doesn’t make for a convincing effect and nor does a bold notification about sale prices when it’s surrounded by subtle, understated steers towards luxury lifestyle choices. If your brand is going to pull its weight and bring customers to you, you need to make sure it’s chiming perfectly with what those customers want to see, and the key to that is fearlessly following your research to the answers.

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