Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Review

Many of the big screen phones are now gaining more prominence to the extent that there is a perfect increase of the demands. Phablets is the term that the big phones have been branded with. As technology grows also companies don’t just put on hold on manufacturing their products but they happen to put more effort to win and penetrate well in the market. A good example is Micromax, which it decide to establish upgrades on Canvas line-up and within a short duration, they first introduce and launched a 5 inch phone by the name A100 with the successor A110 or simply Canvas 2 which comes with astonishing features like an IPS, panel a dual core multi-processor and an upgraded type camera of 8 megapixel.

Key features on the reviewed Micromax A110 Canvas 2

The Hardware

Micromax A110 or the Canvas 2 looks similar to Samsung galaxy S 3 when it is viewed from the front with an exceptional of the home button presence. The speakers are ideal, sensors and the camera is even positioned just like the Note 2.

Like other phones Macrox has no branding on the front of its face. Though there are some distinguishing features like, the power button located at the right side, the volume key sits on the left side.

A clear finish is done on the phone with top placing of the 3.5mm audio ports and The Micro-USB.

The cover is black in colour with a matte finish that makes it attractive, and with the grip it offers you will definitely have the urge to own the phone.

The device is being powered with a successful dual core processor of 1 GHz, a RAM of 512 MB an extendable memory of up to 32 gigabytes from an internal one that is measured at 4GB.Also one of the hidden magnificent features is that it has a dual LED flash that is just seen next to the camera

Lastly on the hardware, the Micromax A110 has a dual SIM card slot though they SIM and Micro SD slots cannot be swapped as you will have to take out the battery if you have intentions to replace either of the two.

The Display

The Micromax A110 has a capacitive type of touch screen that has an IPS panel. It is in 5 inch dimension with 256k bits of colours. The sports a resolution of about 480 X 854 pixels. The graphics appear very sharp in text form and the screen quality gives a good, clear graphic resolution. Though the screen is highly reflective we still enjoy viewing it in different angles under the visibility of the sun.

The Software

The Micromax Canvas 2 works and runs on the Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) 4.0.4 .it has some apps that keeps it going on well with 5 customizable home screens which can be even filled with widgets or apps.

The Battery

It has a good battery performance that works well with the dual core processor boosting its stay for longer time even if apps are on or running at the back.


Well I must say that this is the right gadgets to rush for in the market.do not miss this version as one knows when an update version will come.

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