Popular Top 5 Celebrity Costumes at Present

Celebrity costumes are usually liked by people due to their modern designs and sexy aspects. New set of costumes are introduced by the designers every year to make the celebrities attractive and famous allover the world. The costumes that are full of great comfort, fantasy and fashion, covering the needs of different entities, are considered to be the hottest and top celebrity costumes. The top 5 celebrity costumes that are popular recently are as under:

Cheeky Brit: This three-piece celebrity costume can be used suitably on various occasions. Mini dress decorated with British flag design along with retro style headband and panties are the three parts of this costume designed on the 1980s popular fashion theme. Usually event and party planners wear this celebrity costume. It can be given different twists by adding new theme based designs which made it the best seller costume.

Tea Time Alice: Though this celebrity costume in longer than other sexy dresses but still it provides a glamorous look to the wearer through its satin apron dress decorated with teapot motif, sheer puff sleeves and high neck. Being based on the hottest character costumes, presented in an array of themes, of the Alice-in-wonderland it is recognized as one of the top 5 celebrity costumes at present.

Ship Shape Captain: This one of the common summer costumes that has become popular among celebrities due to its cute features to give them recognition around the world. Ribbon trim and navy dress are the main points of attraction of this costume. Pleated skirt is another feature of this dress that had added glamour to this dress which had made it one of the best seller celebrity costumes of the year. Its military style epaulettes and a good covering for the upper part of the arm had presented it in a perfect combination as you can align it with your outfit by replacing its jacket.

Pretty Pink: This celebrity costume is famous in UK due to its clandestine Burlesque with exotic blazer that gives a super feminine look to the wearer. The ruffle halter dress along with satin bow accents, traditional feather headpiece and removable back ruffle together enhance the glamour of Pretty Pink. Most of the people liked this perfectly made dress because it gives a feel of original burlesque costume due to its contour fit design along with ruffled pink which makes the wearer center of attraction at any occasion.

Lightening Rocker : This dress is also popularly known as Gaga costume because it was worn by lady Gaga. Its black asymmetrical bodysuit along with skirt and the lace sleeve have the potential to enhance the glamour of the wearer that has made it one of the top 5 celebrity costumes of the recent times. The lightening belt and gauntlet glove give a unique combination with this fantastic dress. The suitability of this costume for Halloween and New Year party is the secret behind its lightening sale this year.
The secret behind the popularity of the top 5 celebrity costumes is that the celebrities wear the dress that can add to their fame.

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