The Craziest Catwalk Collections of London Fashion Week AW13

So London Fashion Week has swished by for another season in a blur of beautiful dresses, influential trends and Very Important People. But what were the wildest collections to make their way down this year’s runway? And what goes on in the madcap minds of the designers that created them? Here we bring you our favourites of the most outlandish catwalk shows to hit London Fashion Week AW13.

Louise Gray

catwalk11 The Craziest Catwalk Collections of London Fashion Week AW13

With a look that could be likened to a highly-strung, dishevelled housewife, Lousie Gray sent her models down the Tate Modern runway on Monday afternoon with some interesting accessories. Utilising rings made from toilet paper, earrings of flattened custard tart tins and hair weaved with colourful plastic bags, this was statement recycling for sure. But don’t let Louise’s penchant for reusable materials overshadow the looks behind the clashing prints – she has skilfully created a tailored collection of wearable separates, from trench coats and swing jackets to shirtdresses and printed suits.

Sister by Sibling

catwalk2 The Craziest Catwalk Collections of London Fashion Week AW13

Ever expanding in popularity and prestige, Sister by Sibling debuted giant 3D knits and oversized hats in their Saturday morning runway slot. With colours ranging from intense pastels to rich rubies and soft neutrals, this eccentrically soft and cosy look is certainly one for the bitter winter months.  With model of the moment Cara Delevingne heading up the catwalk, Sister by Sibling officially cemented themselves as the height of quirky cool.

Pam Hogg

catwalk3 The Craziest Catwalk Collections of London Fashion Week AW13

Not one to disappoint, Pam Hogg’s collection for this year’s autumn/winter season was as adventurous as ever. With a penchant for the risqué and a touch of eastern influence, her daringly panelled catsuits and oversized furs are fast becoming her signature. Bringing an eclectic mix of textures from lace and latex to sequin and gold, she juxtaposed them alongside chiffon dresses and sharp tailored jackets, using models from the English National Ballet to walk en pointe alongside strong warrior-esque women. Still dubbed as an ‘Off-Schedule’ designer, word has it she’ll be on the list with the big players come next year.

Vivienne Westwood

catwalk4 The Craziest Catwalk Collections of London Fashion Week AW13

Vivienne Westwood approaches fashion with no regard to seasons or trends, a boldness that helps make her a household name. This year’s Sunday afternoon show was no exception, with her signature tartan print, fitted asymmetric jackets and corset dresses all making welcome returns. This time around, the colourful overcoats, ‘80s style pantaloons, netted prom dresses and mismatched tops went hand in hand with the model’s outlandish makeup, making for a memorable statement.

Fyodor Golan

catwalk5 The Craziest Catwalk Collections of London Fashion Week AW13

One of the very first shows of this year’s London Fashion Week, Fyodor Golan launched their take on outlandish runway statements right from Friday morning. The look was one of hip gothic decadence with tattoo style prints, bizarre shapes and oversized collars giving an edge to the designs. The standout piece was a backwards facing face hat, as beautiful as it was eccentric.

So there you have it, the craziest looks from this year’s London Fashion Week autumn/winter collections. Will we all be wearing hats on our faces in a few months’ time? Blanketing ourselves in peculiar knitwear? Fashion Week is an indicator to the high street stores of the trends that are set to hit the big time, so keep your eyes peeled on the likes of Miinto – an online collective of the UK’s designers – to see which designer trends you should be wearing come the autumn time. 

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