The Domain of Baubles

kids’ earringsToday’s toddler raising world with mums and nanas hopping around in trams, changing baby diapers at the same time handling naughty three year olds from snatching candy is filled with chaos and competition. The kid of today does not demand a hamburger or cheese fries but is well aware of the surroundings around him. The children of our generations know things at an early age. They observe how people are dressed up, their dolls and G.I.Joe men become their exemplars and also subjects and models which are infused with the fashion sense of the child. Play has become a sound medium of learning and developing what one wants to be when they ‘grow up’. And the major arena that kids love to explore in their childhood and teen years is the world of fashion. It is through playing dress ups and hosting fashion pageants that your little princesses and princes show their knowledge on style and glamour. So why then should they be left behind in jewelry?

That question becomes resolved as the zone of kid’s jewelry keeps on expanding. How has this come to be possible? The leading fashion houses of the world are now giving a very deep level of thought and concern in to the journals of kids clothing. They are treating kiddos to be the best faces of their designs. As much as clothes are perfected their perfect consorts can only be jewelry. For the little ones now the zone of baubles is teamed up with designs that are playful and stylish. They come along with the promise of creativity and finesses.

Luxury fashion is now a statement rather than a condition that has plagued the world. And jewelry is one of its fastest growing excesses. The role of jewelry has never been underestimated by the flanks of fashion rulers of our modern world. They understand its worth and necessity and also comply by transforming some of the vague notions of jewelry making into streams and branches that are redefining what jewelry has come to stand for.

Up on the charts is the shining new armor of kids’ jewelry. This is one of the least explored areas of jewelry making and production and probably one of the recently formed. Although now it could be said that it is this field of jewelry making that has taken the fashion world by storm. It has created every imaginable source of bauble from kids’ earrings to lockets to bracelets to anklets to rings. And every fashion house now knows how important it is to please these tiny tots who mark the future potential of the fashion realm.

From rabbits and cows to cartoon dolls and stars, from bubble gum miniatures to cupcake box lockets and from clouds and suns to palm trees and candy, kids’ jewelry ensures something priceless that can make the imagination of your kid come alive. The best friend heart chains or the skulls and ghost pendants there is something for either of the genders that comes alive with jewelry made just for them. So do not be surprised if your young ones drag you to a jewelry shop and ask you for a bauble that defines their love for colors or art or makes desperate to own something that would make their growing days memorable for that is the charm and purpose of jewelry, to create something that will serve as a host of memories in the years to come.

This year on the birthday of your precious one allow them to go crazy with jewelry that they will love and treasure all through their lives.

Bio:  Mandy Zen is an upcoming jewelry designer who is going to soon be launching her own line of kids’ jewelry. She understand this to be the future of the jewelry market as the young ones are targeted to be their potential audience with a whole new set of taste and demands. Also she writes about

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