The Future of Television: A Plethora of Options

Over the last decade, TV has been transformed in ways that many of us could never have imagined. Today, not only is there a greater choice of programs than we have ever seen before, we are also able to watch them in multiple formats from the comfort of our homes. Thanks to the rise of Internet television and on-demand streaming services, we are also able to watch television at our convenience. With such rapid developments, it may well be that a plethora of TV viewing options lies just ahead.

A Variety of Programs to Suit Everyone

Although television has never really been what we could describe as boring, the number of programs available to us a decade ago paled in comparison to what we have access to today. While once we all enjoyed watching Friends, with the odd episode of Big Brother and various sports and news programs tossed in, TV has enjoyed an explosion of programs that cater to almost every taste imaginable.


Now, sitcoms have been devised to meet the desires and fascinations of all manner of people. From tween series like iCarly, to adult delights like Homeland, TV’s lineup has expanded exponentially, and in the process it has become more controversial. Take Girls for example, the latest in a long list of TV shows targeting women in their early twenties. It has blown its predecessor, Sex & The City, out of the water by upping the ante on the reality of relationships, young adulthood, with new levels of uncomfortable nudity thrown in for good measure. This diversity has also spread to reality TV; we can now see how celebrities, teenage mothers, and wannabe popstars live at the click of a button.

How We Watch it All

Not only have the types of programs we watch changed, the way we watch them has too. Long gone are the days when analog signals ruled the roost, as we have welcomed in providers like DirecTV that offer a plethora of satellite options to residents across the country. With satellite viewing has come the joys of HD TV, which allows us to view everything in vibrant colors that leave us feeling as though it is all happening in front of our faces. For those who want to take it up a notch, 3D TV is also available. Thanks to all this diversity, great deals are available from sites like, allowing customers to save as they enjoy. For those who have missed their favorite shows, Hulu is available. As an online streamer, Hulu allows us to watch everything we have missed on an on-demand basis, as well as movies. This means there is no more planning your TV viewing around what’s on the air.

The way we watch TV has also moved onto a more mobile platform. Thanks to the birth of smartphone operating systems like Android and Apple, it is possible to watch TV on your mobile phone. Those who do not have the room for a television in their home, or would rather not have one, can also make the most of Internet Protocol Television — aka IPTV. IPTV allows you do view TV channels via your Internet connection, using a packet-switched network.

The Future

With such rapid changes, it is natural to anticipate that the future may bring even greater things for TV viewing. It may be the case that we all sit watching 3D as standard, potentially without the use of glasses. TV may become more intrusive and more obscene, causing waves of shock throughout the country. As time progresses, we can only look forward to even more exciting developments.

Darren Eatmon writes about TV and the technology behind it for a range of entertainment blogs.

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