What are the Advantages of Using Steam Showers?

If you’re in the market for a new shower you’ve probably come across lots of steam showers. Retailers such as jtspas.co.uk are now offering these top of the range, luxurious showers to their customers for silly prices, meaning they are so much more attainable than they once were. These days it is possible to recreate the steam room at the gym or spa in your own home thanks to these wonderful showers, but are steam showers really worth all the hype? What advantages do they bring and why is it worth having one in the home? Read on to learn more so that you’ll be able to decide if you should have one in your bathroom or not.

Exercise Recovery

We are leading very healthy lifestyles these days. Most of us know the importance of having regular exercise. The problem is when we work out it can lead to fatigue, muscle tension, cramps and aching bodies. One of the ways to reduce the pain of a healthy lifestyle is to use steam showers. Combining a steam shower with a cold bath (the bath and shower enclosures are perfect for this!) helps to remove the build-up of metabolic waste in the muscles, which causes the problems. Alternate from the heat of the steam to the cold of the bath and the capillaries will pump out the waste.

Healthy Circulation

Another benefit of using steam showers is to improve and aid your cardiovascular system. The blood vessels in your body are widened allowing for the flow of blood to increase, thus improving circulation. This increased blood flow has a very positive effect on blood pressure and it’s a natural process, a potential safer option than some of the medications out there. If you have high blood pressure we recommend going to speak to your doctor about using steam showers to improve your health.

Healthy Skin

Steam is commonly used at spas and wellness centres to improve skin conditions. The steam encourages sweating, which in turn pushes out all the deep down dirt and grime, leaving you with fully cleansed skin. Beauticians recommend using steam for around 20 minutes per week to reduce blackheads and spots and fight breakouts. Steam can also be useful for hair removal purposes, leaving the hair soft and ready for shaving.

Steam Helps to Fight Off Stress

One major selling point of steam showers is their ability to help fight stress and promote relaxation. This is made possible thanks to the dry heat, which reduces built up tension and the improved circulation also boosts the immune system and leaves you feeling happier and healthier. Steam showers are also recommended as a way to combat fatigue and insomnia.

With so many advantages it’s clear to see why steam showers are now in such high demand. If you feel you would benefit from any of the points mentioned above, investing in a steam shower could be a sensible decision.

Image source: nikolapeskova/Pixabay.com


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