You and Your Fanny Pack

Yes, fanny pack.

The fanny pack is returning, not for parents to embarrass their children, or for people who are hopelessly fashion insensitive. This new version is high fashion, worn on the runways in Italy, France, and the United States, ranging from satin and leather works of art to $2000 bags made of alligator skin, complete with matching belts (or entire outfits). Still, there are standards to keep to avoid turning the new and improved fanny pack into an old fashion disaster.

Any fanny pack should leave the wearer with a clean silhouette. They should be worn on the front of the hip, not on the side (or even over the fanny). This makes it easy to access and it looks great when you have a bag that matches the outfit.

Speaking of outfits, make sure you do not wear the usual baggy shirt and shorts when wearing one of these bags. Sleek but casual should be the look you’re going for. The bag is a casual sort of accessory, so your clothes should be the same. This makes is a great thing for easy night walks, or just hanging around town. Take a cue form runway models – they look simply fantastic with a hands-free satchel and a simple dress. You can, too.

As mentioned before, the fanny pack is not actually supposed to be worn over the fanny. This is one reason why many designers refer to them as hands-free bags or belted satchels. It should be worn a bit off to the side, but not all the way over so it makes a bulge on the hip. Remember that clean silhouette!

A clutch purse can be something of a bother when out dancing. Either they have to be held all the time, which is an annoyance to say the least, or they have to be put down, where they can easily be stolen or lost. The right fanny pack can remove all the hassle and all the worry. It is both impossible to lose and impossible to steal, since it is with you at all times. It has just enough room not only for a cell phone, but for credit cards and ID and all the other important things no one should leave lying on a table in a busy club.

The fanny pack has always been a good idea, even back in the mid-90s when it become a joke to the fashion world. Now it’s about time to see that good idea coming into its own.

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