Your 5-Point Stress-Free Moving Checklist

Moving is automatically less stressful when you separate the tasks into things to do each week. By putting together a schedule for the weeks leading up to the move you reduce the anxiety associated with packing and moving, and ensure you don’t leave anything important until the last minute. Here’s how to make your Gloucester move easier – in five simple steps.

1. Two Months Before

Around eight weeks before you are going to move, take a look into hiring your removals company. For removals Gloucester offers a lot of choice in the local area, so it pays to spend a little time searching for the right company that will offer a professional service at the right price. Most Gloucester companies include liability insurance within the quote but it is important to check the level of cover. If you need to, take out extra insurance. If you are moving outside of Gloucester into a new area, take the time to search for doctors and schools where you are moving to. Make a note of all the different people you will need to contact and inform that your address is changing.

2. Six Weeks Before

Take the chance to downsize and declutter before your move – even if you are moving to a bigger Gloucester home you don’t have to take everything with you. Getting rid of the things you no longer want or need helps to lighten the load and also allows you to move into a new place free of clutter and excess baggage. Sort through wardrobes and cupboards and find things to donate or sell. You could have an eBay sale or a car boot sale to help finance the move or to buy new furniture for your new place. Begin the packing process by putting away items you hardly use like golf clubs, or heavy winter duvets.

3. Five Weeks Before

Stop doing so much shopping – concentrate on using up things in the freezer and the pantry instead. Avoid those bulk-buy bargains. But do stock up on the things you need to physically move such as boxes, tape, newspaper, and bubblewrap. Set up your packing system – decide whether to use colour-coding, numbered boxes, or a spread sheet inventory. Start packing!

4. Two Weeks Before

If a Gloucester company like are moving your things, make sure the big appliances like the freezer are unplugged, defrosted, cleaned, and thoroughly left to dry. This also applies if the appliances are to be placed in storage. If you need any gas appliances disconnected for the move then now is the time to arrange a professional to do it.

5. One Week Before

Arrange for the utilities to be turned off in your house one day following the move date. Make sure the utilities will be switched on in the new place before you arrive. Back up all the information on your computers ready for the computer to be moved. Arrange a cleaning service to visit your previous home after you have moved out, or set up a time when you will return to clean before you hand the property over to someone else.

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