4 Surprising Things You Can Buy in Vending Machines

With modern technology, there have been a ton of advancements in the world of kiosks. For a while, the kiosk trend seemed to be in steady decline in the United States, but it has changed as of late. At one time, it seemed like kiosks would be around forever. There were cigarette vending machines in bars and taverns, food kiosk machines in airports, bus stations and cafeterias, and now there are kiosks for Apple products, coffee, newspapers and magazines and just about everything else one can possibly imagine. With technology the way it is, there is literally no end to the possibilities of the kiosk- and odds are things will get even more niche-oriented well into the future.

The kiosk makes total sense in today’s busy world. For one thing, the convenience factor is unparalleled: there are no lines, transactions are as easy as a few clicks of a button and they can literally be placed just about anywhere. The following is a list of some of the most surprising types of kiosks currently available in the United States of America, and other places all around the world.


Surprising Kiosk #1. Marijuana

In California, where medical marijuana is legal, a medical marijuana patient can actually buy their medication from a kiosk machine. Many medical marijuana facilities in the state have the kiosks, and it seems- with the momentum the movement has been making in terms of marijuana legalization in Colorado and WashingtonState among other places- that it will only continue to be more present in the market. The kiosks allow people to choose which strains of marijuana they would like to purchase, as well as the amount they would like to buy, and they even include marijuana edibles and other similar products.

Surprising Kiosk #2. Used Underwear

This one is a little bit of an urban legend, as it has been illegal since the mid ‘90’s. But, at a time, in Japan, people were able to buy used underwear via kiosk machines. Admittedly, it is a strange thing to buy, and we don’t want to even delve into why people would want to purchase such a thing, but it is surprising, that’s for sure.

Surprising Kiosk #3. Caviar and Escargot

When people think of gourmet food, a kiosk is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Never the less, a person can buy caviar, escargot and a host of other gourmet foods through a kiosk. It may not be classy, but it does indeed exist, so there must be a market for it.

Surprising Kiosk #4. Fruits and Vegetables

People usually like their fruit and vegetables to be fresh, but the kiosk has taken care of that. These kiosks are regularly stocked to keep the inventory fresh, so it all works out in the end.

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