5 Fun USB-Powered Devices for the Tech Geek

USB items can bring a great deal of fun and functionality to your desk space – search the internet today for your new USB-powered toy! Here are five fun, entertaining, and useful things that can be plugged straight into your computer!


Picture this – the sun is going down outside, but you’re glued to the computer (for very important reasons, we’re sure). Suddenly, you find yourself in pitch blackness, with only your computer screen for light. What’s a geek to do? You could flip on your handy USB-powered lamp! With a large amount of light emitted, these lamps come in every shape and size, making them a great addition to your desk.


It’s the dead of winter, and your fingers (and maybe toes) are starting to go numb. If you have a USB-powered heater, however, all your problems are solved. These things are wildly popular, and give out a good amount of heat to keep you warm throughout the day and night.  An all-time favorite among frequent computer users are the USB heated gloves, which provide comfort and warmth directly to your suffering fingers.


Unfortunately, there are some days where keeping warm at your computer is no issue – in fact, it’s the problem. If you’ve slaved away at your desktop under cruel temperatures, consider investing in a plug-able fan. Many of these fans only blow at a moderate speed, but they’re perfect for just that little bit of air to blow the heat away.

Small Tablet Computers

7-8 inches of Wifi capable, touch screen, portable goodness … all powered from your USB. Sound good? You’ll want to grab one of the many small tablet computers now designed specifically to charge right from your USB port. Many models now include a webcam, making these tablets a fantastic little gift for friends (or just for yourself).


While usefulness is all well and good, sometimes you just want to buy something for it’s novelty. USB items are the place to turn if you’re looking for some unique additions to your computer. Would you like a heated coffee mug? A tiny rocket launcher? (Don’t worry, it only shoots foam rockets!) If you feel you need a glittering disco ball, grab one that plugs right into your USB port! The possibilities are nearly endless – if you can think of something, chances are someone has made it.

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