Android Dilemma – ICS to Jelly Bean – Should You Upgrade?

Through the advancement of Google’s operation system for smart-devices, Android has evolved through various platforms from smartphones to tablets, Digital Cameras, Watches and what not. One thing clearly speaks for Android is, it is gasping the operating system of the tech world. Recently, Android has released its newest system update Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which differs slightly with fixing various bugs and making user experience faster and sleeker than its predecessor Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Jelly Bean was released in the end of last year 2012, with lots of expectations of removing bugs and hoping for a faster UI design and clearly it has won the hearts of Android lovers. Android Jelly Bean is represented by versions like 4.1 or 4.2 and so on. Although, some users might not see huge differences in the ICS and but it has offered plenty of technical issues behind the scenes.

Jelly Bean v/s ICS


Now, let’s get down to designing. There are several changes in Jellybean but the core design is almost the same as ICS. More intelligence of Widgets is used in Jelly Bean for accompanying you. The widgets can easily be rearranged like Samsung Google Nexus.

The notification bas has changed a little since ICS. In ICS, you could see all the alerts, missed calls etc. But Jelly Bean has offered a bonus of expanded view of the notifications, showing detailed view of those alerts. The picture gallery has become much more efficient and you can browser faster through your photos easily.

The most differentiable change in Jelly Bean is representing Google Now. It behaves like your own personal assistant. Yes, you saw that right. In the competition of smartphones, Google Now is the newest candidate of personal assistant.

Another important update which Jelly Bean shows is what is called Project Butter. Project butter helps to keep the Android running smoothly at a rate of 60 frames per second, making you feel the touch more responsive. Thus, it evolved to a whole new level to compete against the best quality of the iOS visual experience.

Jelly Bean has been released in the end of last year and it is now emerging through various devices. Although, it’s not available for most of the devices but soon it will cover all the supported ones.

Seeing all the amazing changes made to Jelly Bean, you shouldn’t wait any longer to update it if your device supports it right now. So, you’ve seen the face of Jelly Bean, it will feel good for you when you will update it from ICS. Try it today.

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