Back of the Net: Choosing Gifts for Sport Lovers

Buying presents for people is something you’re either really good at, or something you dread. It’s amazing how some people can come up with the most ‘out there’ ideas for presents that always put a smile on the face of the recipient, while many of us are left rushing around at the last minute and resort to buying gift cards for the kind of shops we think they’d like to buy from.


In some cases it’s relatively easy to come up with gift ideas, you think about their favourite hobby or their passion and buy them anything from that niche; but it isn’t always that straight forward. Take somebody who seems to do nothing but sport, they need various forms of equipment and there is of course the replica kit which you can buy them, but the chances are that they either have the latest strip or it’s too expensive to justify you buying it for them.


If it’s the kind of person who seems to play every imaginable form of sport from football to lacrosse, badminton to water polo then it gets even more difficult to come up with present ideas because the chances are that they probably have all the equipment they need and you need to think a bit more outside the (penalty) box.


One very good example comes from the luxury gift company House of Rokoko who produce their own range of gift wrap designed for football fans. This means that you can always find a way of adding that special, sporting touch to whatever gift you buy to make it extra special, and will make it instantly distinguishable among the other gifts they receive in generic paper bought from the supermarkets.


Another sport-themed gift option is to step away from the idea of equipment, which – as we’ve already mentioned – can be expensive, and opt for something that will keep them entertained even when they can’t get outside to play. Books released by sportsmen and women create all kinds of controversy and interest from people who might not even be the biggest fan of that particular individual, but they have the urge to read their thoughts and opinions on certain people and subjects and to learn about their careers.


Autobiographies released recently including those by the former Manchester United captain Roy Keane and the ex-England batsman Kevin Pietersen have created a storm in the industry among those desperate to find out why their careers took the paths they did and the views of the two sporting stars on their former team-mates and coaches, making for an excellent read for any sport lover.
If all else fails, try and do a little bit of investigating. Speak to the person, their partner, their family or even their colleagues if you can and try and get any information you can about their sporting interests and the kind of thing they’ve shown an interest in while they’ve had their own conversations. It may be that they’ve inadvertently dropped a hint to one of them which you can use yourself, such as needing a new kitbag or if they’ve come into the office every Monday morning aching and complaining about the injuries they’ve picked up during the game on Saturday you could try and get them a sports massage to take the pains away – they’d definitely appreciate that.

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