Buying underwear for the man in your life

Men’s underwear has gone through a style revolution recently. As more and more men are working out and striving to look good, there are more underwear options than ever for men. There used to be just a few brands that carried men’s underwear; now there is an endless array of retailers selling underwear to men.

Many men are creatures of habit and will stick to the same style of underwear that they’ve always worn. Men typically buy underwear only a few times a year and will likely hold on to the same pair for three or four years. They are often resistant to buying trendy new underwear when the style they always buy is comfortable and familiar. This is where you come in; if you buy trendy underwear for your boyfriend or husband, he might be more open to trying it. Try getting them underwear in a new style of material.

When underwear shopping for your partner, there are a few different styles from which to choose.

Briefs, or Y-fronts, haven’t changed much since their inception. They began as high-waisted but now come in mid-rise, low-rise, and hipster options. The waist height depends on the trouser style that the man prefers. The traditional brief has a defined waistband and covers the mid-thigh to waist. This style also has minimal material and doesn’t bunch up. Briefs tend to suit slim men, and they look good under fitted clothing.

Boxers are the loosest of the male underwear styles. They are very comfortable and breathe but don’t offer any support or stretch. Boxers are pretty much just loose, cotton shorts. Boxers are great for guys who don’t want to wear anything revealing. They do bunch up a lot but there are slim-fitting styles for guys who want to wear fitted clothes. Boxers are great for larger guys who wear loose-fitting clothes.

Then there are boxer briefs. As you can imagine, boxer briefs are a combination of boxer shorts and briefs. They are tapered like a boxer short but have a slim fit like a brief. Boxer briefs offer coverage and support, and they also sculpt the lower half, look great with all clothing styles and are great for fitted trousers and working out.

There is a growing market for sexy men’s underwear; a lot of men are getting interested in wearing different styles and trying out new fabrics. Sexy underwear is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. With so many options for where to buy men’s underwear, it can be difficult to make a decision. Lingerie Diva has a lot of deals on sexy males lingerie.

Why not buy some underwear for your boyfriend or husband? They may be a little resistant at first, but if you give them some encouragement, it can be lots of fun! Getting your partner some sexy underwear can be fun for the both of you and it can work to spice things up in the bedroom.

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