City style; apartment dwelling

If you want to enjoy city living in a way that is both affordable and offers you the best access to all of the amenities that a typical North American city has to offer, then you should choose apartment living.

Apartment living is a fundamental aspect of the urban experience. If you think about it, cities have limited space, and in the vast majority of cases they also have large populations to cater for. Apartments offer city planners the opportunity to utilize the limited space on offer and to create the type of affordable living that attracts newer generations in a way that keeps the local economy vibrant.

Apartment-style living is synonymous with such metropolitan areas as New York, and cities such as the Big Apple have shown the way in terms of the type of diverse apartments that can be developed, from units for single people starting out to larger units suitable for family living. Indeed, New York itself has been to the fore in responding to trends in apartment living, especially the increase in single-person households. Then-mayor Michael Bloomberg championed the adAPT NYC competition to encourage new designs for units for one or two people that optimize space. He waived a number of zoning regulations to allow redevelopment of a city-owned lot on the Lower East Side to include micro-units, with around 40 percent available at below market prices.

If you are looking for apartments for rent in Edmonton you will find many options to choose from, but its population is relatively young (the 2011 census showed an average age of 36), so competition for apartments is likely to be stiff. The city’s status as an economic, cultural, and educational center – it is the capital of Alberta – adds to its attraction for younger people, meaning that apartment lettings can be at a premium. Nonetheless, if you are searching for an apartment in Edmonton, do not be put off. Here are some useful tips for apartment hunting in any urban center:

  • Prioritize: if your determining factor is location, then that will put a limit on where you can move. An important point to remember is to balance convenience with budget – ask yourself if a centrally located property is essential if it is going to stretch your finances.

  • Remember hidden costs: consider the full cost of an apartment beyond the basic rent and ask questions about what is and is not included – utilities, for instance, or parking fees if you have a car.

  • Be nosy: when you view apartments, do not be afraid to poke your nose into closets and other hidden areas, not only to determine the extent of the storage area but also to see if there is any mold or similar unwelcome issues.

  • Combine search methods: do not limit yourself to one search method. Online listings have become increasingly popular but local newspapers and magazines remain good sources of apartment listings. Letting agents are another good source, of course, but do not rule out local landlords placing ads in the windows of neighborhood stores. It might seem quaint to some but this method of advertising apartments for rent still happens.

Apartment living is a great way to experience city living and small spaces can be just as chic as larger accommodation options.

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