Effective strategies to start and build a successful career as a model

It is not very difficult to start as a model, but getting success as a model is entirely different. Things get very complicated when it comes to become a successful model. There are many things that you can start right away, if you have the zeal to build a robust and stunning modeling career. It would be always good, if you pursue a professional course on modeling from a local and reputed modeling agency. For example, if you stay in Detroit, you may go for One Source Talent.

But if you want to initiate it by your own, here are some effective steps.

  • Get inspired – At the beginning, you should be enough inspired to start off the career. Buy fashion magazines and look through the pictures of the models very carefully. Notice the nitty-gritty of the models like how they pose, how they put on makeup to generate appealing effects etc. You should also be attentive to the quality of the images. In other words, you should develop the passion within to become a successful model.
  • Stay healthy– When it comes to taking modeling as your career, you must keep yourself healthy and fit. Proper diet and exercise would help you stay healthy and look your best. Modeling and talent agencies like One Source Talent always look for vibrant, healthy and charming models to work in both electronic and print media. You should always keep in mind that unless you maintain your health, you can’t represent your and your body’s good quality.
  • Practice craft – The modeling differs a lot from other forms of entertainment. In this industry, even a single photograph can award you a million dollar contract. Winning the fashion and modeling industry is like winning a lottery. But you can create your own luck and win the industry by working your craft. Learn the poses, expressions and walks well; practice them every day. Consider it as an unpaid part-time job that you do as a passion.
  • Set up test shoots – Before you send your resume and head shots to the modeling agencies, set up a couple of test shoots by a local professional and reputed photographer. Swing by him and provide him your contact info. You may offer to work as an unpaid model, if he is testing with new equipments.
  • Assemble a composite photo card – Assembling a comp card by using the best snaps from the test shoots would be a good step towards a successful modeling career.
  • Conduct research on local agencies – After you assemble an effective composite photo card, conduct a thorough research on local modeling agencies. Most metro areas have at least one modeling and talent agency to manage marketing and advertising needs of the local business community. If you can crack the nut at least at the local level, you will gain necessary experience and exposure that would help your career to proceed further.
  • Send your comp card and resume – Now you start sending your comp card along with updated resume to local and reputed talent agencies. Don’t forget to staple an effective cover letter. If you’re based in Detroit, you may send your card and resume to One Source Talent. Besides, you can send them to big modeling agencies in cities like Los Angeles and New York City.

Discussed above are the few steps that you may follow to start and establish a thriving modeling career.

Author’s Bio –Simon Hopes is very much popular on the web for her fashion and modeling related write-ups. Her reviews on agencies like One Source Talent are widely read by aspiring models.


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