Enhance your home freedom with bi-folding doors

Choosing new doors for your property can be a long and stressful task at the best of times – with so many options currently on the market, it’s hard for anyone to identify what’s best for definite.

Due to their flexibility, appearance and security measures, bi-folding models are increasingly becoming homeowners’ favourite type. While this is largely down to personal preference, we certainly wouldn’t argue with their choice, either!

To outline exactly what they can offer, today we’re looking at five ways in which purchasing and installing bi-folding doors can enhance your living experience:

  1. Unparalleled opening

With roughly a 90% opening, you don’t have to use your bi-folding doors all of the time to see their benefits – with them, natural light will flow into your property’s interior. Considering that the advantages of a bit more sunshine include increased productivity, happiness and health, this really can only be a good thing.

  1. Great for gatherings

When it comes to friends and family gatherings, you’re probably aware that everyone wants to do their own thing – the kids typically get muddy in the garden, whereas the adults enjoy a quiet glass of wine while sprawled over the sofas. Bi-folding doors lessen the divide between the indoors and outside, meaning that people can flit from one to the other with consummate ease.

  1. Summer-tastic

Sure, the UK doesn’t get much warm weather, but when we do it’s best to make the most out of it. When it comes round to summertime, bi-folding doors are quite simply fantastic – they don’t just provide a great way of cooling down the temperature of your interior, but also essentially offer you easy access to a whole new room – your garden.

  1. Improves garden use

Because of the current economic climate, many homeowners are opting to stay put and improve their existing house rather than move altogether. Taking this into account, new bi-folding doors are a brilliant, cost-effective improvement project – they can completely change the way you utilise your garden, and even motivate you to spend more time looking after it.

  1. No security compromise

Though we concede that appearance is crucially important in new doors, so too is security. Don’t be fooled by the amount of glass on show with bi-folding models – high quality units absolutely do not compromise on any security aspects. Most in fact feature a multi-point locking system, which is roundly recommended by police forces throughout the UK and beyond.

As a metal, aluminium has many benefits itself – it is highly recyclable for one, and is also extremely durable and versatile. For this reason, the majority of people tend to prefer it to uPVC, which has low structural integrity and cannot be used regularly without weakening.

Whatever your decision in terms of material, bi-folding doors are evidently unrivalled for the freedom that they offer both you and your home.

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