How to Gain Access to Barred Websites

23If you are having trouble visiting certain Web pages, your school or office is likely preventing access to it. Fortunately, it is easy to learn how to unblock websites. Here are some of the available tools.

Proxy Servers

These servers are often used to access restricted web pages. Sometimes called anonymizers, they utilize anonymous IP addresses which allow you to visit websites that are behind a firewall. First go to the Internet and find websites with proxy servers.

When you find them, alter your web browser configuration so it uses the proxy server. After launching the proxy address bar, type the URL of the blocked site. Hit the Enter key and you will be taken there. You can also use web proxies.

Google Cache

Go to Google’s website. Type the site you want to visit. After the results appear, you will see a “cached” option underneath the link description. Click the “cached” link. You will be taken to the site.

There are a couple of other Google tools that can help: Google Proxy and Google Mobile Search. There are a few pages that are not cached. Also, the cached version is not always the latest version of the site; rather it is the latest version that Google has cached.

The URL Redirect Service

These are frequently used by schools and some offices. Go online and look for companies that offer this service. Go to one of them and indicate another URL to be used for reaching a restricted site. If the URL is there, the service will show you a form.

Input the required information. Select basic account when given the option. Hit the Enter key. Type the blocked URL. You will gain entry into the site.

How to Use IP Addresses

If you are studying how to unblock websites, you will also discover that IP addresses work. Go to your favorite search engine and find the IP address of the blocked site. Type the IP address in the web address page and you will be able to reach the site.


Whichever of these tools you use, exercise patience. Many people use them so they can be difficult to access at times. This is especially true with the proxy servers.

If you are having a hard time accessing one proxy, use another. Websites list a lot of them so you have several options. If you persevere you will find a way to get to those sites.

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