Non-Diamond Ring, the Perfect Engagement

traditional engagement ringCertainly diamonds are girl’s best friend, though it may also be relevant to say that Jewelries are the girl’s real best friend.

Through the years jewelries have been placing sweet and beautiful smiles to every woman that receives it. And yes, these jewelries are the items that convey ones life to the next stage, the engagement.

Consequently the one question will pop-out is that what ring will it be and will it have a diamond on it. Not necessarily so…

The perfect engagement ring is not just these bonds that hold a diamond, there are other stones that are as beautiful and as captivating as these diamonds.

These are the several semi-precious gemstones that are available to incorporate into engagement rings.

For tailored items are vastly spreading throughout jewelry making, these gemstones are preferred by some women to have that extra notch that they are looking for in their momentous ring. Non-diamond engagement rings are striking selection and alternates that gives couple the chance to create their own design and make it a significant one.

An array of collection is obtainable for these one of a kind ring, emeralds, rubies, and sapphire are extensively chosen to name a few. Affordability and sentimentality are what the clients can obtain from having these gems.

Though we must still keep in mind the essential characteristics that a stone must posses to have a good quality. The basic principle in buying a diamond also pertains in buying a semi-precious stones.

The 4C’s the cut, the color, the carat weight and the clarity.

First – The cut is the most important amongst the bunch though it is commonly the hardest to understand for there are various ways to cut precious stones. One tip in choosing the cut is to know which one will be likely appreciated by the one whom going to accept it.

Second – The color

Third – the carat weight

Fourth – the clarity

For the second to fourth C’s, it may vary on the kind of stone that will be used. Remember that each of the 4Cs is valuable on its own though it is still the decision of the man on what to give his beloved for that perfect engagement.

With these gems favored over diamonds to be engagement stones does not mean that your ring is less luxurious.

Regardless of the fact that diamonds are more expensive than semi-precious stones and may entail the owner special care towards it for it is not as durable as a diamond still these stones can perfectly exude elegance and grandeur as traditional rings.

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