Significant Rule Changes That Made Football More Improved

It must be remembered that the main motive behind all the changes in the rules of football has been to improve the game in every possible way. The changes have also been effective in raising the spirit of football. Generally, we tend to notice the major changes that took place in the 19th and the 20th century. This article highlights all the significant changes that the game of football has undergone over the years. It is also a surety that there will be more changes happening in the years to come. As the times keep change, the rules of the game will keep changing too either for fixing the game or for improving it.

Early Changes in the Rules

It should not be forgotten that soccer was played even hundred years back and people played football with different rules during the early days. Before the year of 1863, no such common rules of football were there. Two rules gained a lot of popularity. The first of them were “the Cambridge rules”. They were drawn up first at the Cambridge University in the year 1848. The second were the rules of “The Sheffield Football Club” that were formed by the pupils of public school in the year 1857.During the earlier phase of 1860, many attempts were made in England for unifying and reconciling the different football games played in public schools and also in the northern region following the “Sheffield Rules”.

Changes in the 19th Century

The first set of uniform rules and regulations in football were created in 1863. “The Cambridge Rules” were considered as the base and then they were rewritten to form a new set of rules for the game. In 1866, the rule of offside was changed in order to allow the players to stay onside given that three players are present there in between the goal and the ball.

1891 is considered as a very significant year as far as changes in the rules of football are concerned. The emergence of the concept of “penalty-kick” brought a completely new dimension to the game. When a team commits a foul inside the 18yard box of the opponent, the opposition is awarded with a penalty kick. This brought a drastic change to the game. The 18 yard box is also known as the penalty box. The penalty kick proved to be highly advantageous for the team to which it was awarded.

Changes in the 20th Century

Another significant change took place in the rules of soccer in 1925. The law of offside that was introduced in 1866 allowed the players to stay onside given that three players are there between the goal and the ball. The change in 1925 the number of players was reduced to two.

The permission of making substitutes was given first in the year 1958. However, the rule was valid only for a goalkeeper who is having an injury problem and another injured player.

The system of showing cards came in 1970. It was in the 1970 World Cup that people first got familiar with the concept of yellow card and red card.

The law of offside underwent another change and became more in favor of the striker. In 1992, it was declared that the goalkeepers can no more use their hands while receiving back passes. Other changes in law took place in 1996 and 1997 and they were all for the betterment of this beautiful game.


Description- The game of football has undergone many changes over the years. The purpose of these changes has been to improve the game.

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