The Citan from Mercedes deserves its illustrious name

Diversification has become commonplace among-st the industrial giants of the world. They have realised that their reputation for quality has given them a power to expand as long as the expansion does not dilute the brand. When it comes to the motor industry, it makes eminent sense to use all the technological developments of a brand to enter other associated markets with the potential to make a fast start.


Mercedes created its name for quality cars, buses and trucks. Its well known symbol was recognisable and a mark of quality. Its growth and collaborations have given it a worldwide reputation. It expanded out of Germany after World War II into Argentina with a plant producing trucks and its growth since then is a result of its success in research and development, innovation and the promotion of such an identifiable brand.

Along the way Mercedes has always been open to examining opportunities; its recent launch of a small vehicle that doubles as both an urban commercial vehicle has proved immensely popular. It is also a comfortable and economic family runner which has combined its technology with that of Renault that featured strongly in the small van market.

Branching out

The Mercedes Citan represents another move in the Mercedes name; it has previously realised that there was the small car sector where a presence would lead to an increase in business. Its A Class first appeared back in 1997 and has been a factor in the range ever since.

Multi purpose

Mercedes have produced a powerful vehicle that had a compact look, yet also has the capacity to carry goods in a commercial capacity and people on its ‘time off.’ This combination has a number of different possibilities; customers can range from delivery companies looking for an economic fleet to the small business where expenditure restricts the numbers of vehicles the business can buy. It can be a family vehicle at the weekend.

The brand name ensures that this vehicle is taken very seriously. It goes without saying that it brings the best of its collaborators to the table. This includes an emphasis on stability and safety with a comfortable interior to make the days’ work that little bit easier.

Access to the market

Its name alone obviously attracts interest and opens doors worldwide. It provides a new experience for people who have never owned one of the German luxury rear wheel drives. Reviewers have recognised much of the internal layout and design as typically Mercedes, which is surely the aim of the manufacturer which is intent on ensuring that there is no dilution of the brand name.

Its fuel economy is important; even in the USA where ‘gas’ has traditionally been cheap habits have begun to change. That is partly due to economic conditions and partly due to the environmental groups which are calling for reduced consumption. The SUV will never be completely discarded but there are more and more people who realise that comfort does not have to come in a large vehicle.

Mercedes realised that some years ago hence the diversification.

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