Top Tips to Make Your Mobile Phone Green

Effort has been made across the globe to go green. Little effort made by millions of people has resulted in a huge leap that has started inculcating positive changes and energy saving technology in the present world. It is necessary that every step you take or all decision you take should bring some changes to the planet Earth. How about turning your mobile phone green? This can also be done. Here are some simple tips for making your mobile device green.

Simple Tips of Turning a Mobile Phone Green

  • Unplug the phone charger when you are not using it: If you keep your mobile charger plugged into the socket when you are not charging your phone, it draws energy. Were you aware of this fact? So, to save some energy you should unplug it during the time when you are not using it.


  • Completely power your phone off: when you are travelling on an aircraft or sitting in a movie hall where you know that you cannot receive a call or cannot be reached, why should keep your phone switched on? Many people have the habit of keep it on the vibrating mode. This only uses the battery life. Hence, the best alternative is to switch off your mobile device when there is no access to it.


  • Minimizing Mobile’ Backlight: Illuminating your mobile’s backlight for long period even when you do not need it is nothing but wastage of energy. Reduce the backlight in order to use that much which you need. This ways you can save the life of your battery to a great extent.


  • Using the alarm clock of your mobile device: Every mobile phone is provided with an alarm clock. Hence, instead of using your old alarm clock, use your mobile phone for the same.


  • Don’t charge your mobile unnecessarily: Many mobile phone users have the habit of charging the device every night, no matter whether the battery is exhausted or not. To save energy and power, never charge your mobile phone when it is not necessary.

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